Artist Ruta Butkute

Bound #1, 2023 / mexed medium, 250 x 250 x 20 cm

Equilibrate, 2015 / video performance

Two Bowlines (under a strain), 2015 / installation

Equilibrate, 2015 / video performance

Collide, 2023 / performance 


Ruta Butkute’s multi-facetted art practice combines sculpture, choreography and installation. Guiding through ideas of performativity and function of the sculpture, she researches ‘how to make sculpture move’; an important question to ask since sculpture is static, and doesn’t move, unless one is given the key to be able to read it.
Butkute’s art practice is guided by this critical reflective approach towards the physical qualities of the sculptures. ’How can bodies animate objects, how can objects set bodies in motion?’ Recently, spatial and relational aspects of her work gained importance in addition to its material and physical features: the relation between sculptures, performers, audiences and the surroundings in which they interact. Artist likes to stage the performativity of objects in order to raise attention to the purpose and functions of certain forms there, employing the object’s sculptural physicality. Butkute is interested in how one medium transforms into another, and seeks to involve the audience strongly in the final presentation. Her work departs from the principle that an object has a function hidden inside, transforming this function from the original one and searching for the new.
Array, 2018 / porcelain
Art Rotterdam 
Spell Action#1, 2020 / performance
Why Not? festival, W139
Let your body do all the talking, 2021 / performance
Tumble #3, 2021 / wall installation
113  x 13 x 5 cm

Waning Gibbous #1, 2022 / porcelain

Circle #1
 porcelain,  85cm, 2024
Collide,  excerpt performance, 2023
Let your body do all the talking, 2021 / performance

Collide #5, 2023/ porcelain, 50 cm


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